"I owned other spinning rings, but this ring has a amazing smooth spin.  I can't stop playing with it."  

Lauren F.

"I never felt a spinning ring like this one.  It is so smooth and quiet."

Sandy K.

"This ring is crazy smooth and quiet. It helps me with my anxiety.  I will be buying one for my friend too."


"I’m excited about my new everyday ring!"


 "I bought it for my girlfriend because she likes to fidget.  She loved her ring. Great quality.  I am happy with my purchase."

Shawn G.

"Amazing ring, unique in my opinion. Great quality! Would buy from again! Thank you."

Shelly W


Our Story

My daughter was in college when she came to me with tears in her eyes to ask for advice to help her deal with her anxiety and stress. The pressures of college had finally become too much, and she was afraid she was going to fail.        

        I did some research and discovered that spinning rings can help with anxiety and stress because they focus your attention away from your thoughts and bring you to the present moment. Plus, they are small and people will not notice that you are playing with them, unlike a fidget toy. I bought a spinning ring to try, and it worked!