Why does a spinner ring help with stress, anxiety, & worry?

         Our thinking brain is responsible for how we deal with the stress, anxiety, and worry in our lives. We can stress about problems we have now, get anxious about potential issues, and worry about future obstacles. We can allow these things to hurt us. However, there are many things we can do to help us with our problems and how we deal with them. 

A spinner ring is a tool that draws your attention to the ring and takes your mind away from entirely focusing on the cause of your stress.

          It is well-documented that the brain cannot think of two things at one time. Our intentions will jump between different thoughts and situations that we are engaged in at any given time. 

A spinner ring gives you something to do to distract you from challenging moments. For example, if you are dealing with a stressful situation, you can start spinning your ring. This gives you something to do, and helps distract you from the stress, anxiety, and worry.

          Will it cure your difficulties? No. But, it can become part of the solution and help you finally let go of the unhelpful thought processes that cause your stress, anxiety, and worry.

 No-one will know you are using it, because the Serenity ring is completely quiet, and spins fluidly. The feeling of the smooth surface gives you a sense of calmness. The quiet action provides privacy and calmness, something for you to depend on to bring peace in a complex world.

           I encourage you, if you have too much stress, anxiety, and worry that it is affecting your life, please, get some help. Read some relevant books.  

I am writing a book on helping people to educate their minds to think better. Everything, good or bad, in your life, is because of how you feel.

           We need to train our minds to think better. Change your thoughts, change your life. My book is called StepBack, and if you are interested, please email me at don@stepback.life  I hope and pray that if you are experiencing stress and worry, that everything in your life gets better. Have an awesome day! 

Don Keim, founder of the Serenity Ring.