My daughter was in college when she came to me with tears in her eyes to ask for advice to help her deal with her anxiety and stress. The pressures of college had finally become too much, and she was afraid she was going to fail.        

        I did some research and discovered that spinning rings can help with anxiety and stress because they focus your attention away from your thoughts and bring you to the present moment. Plus, they are small and people will not notice that you are playing with them, unlike a fidget toy. I bought her one to try and it worked! 

             Then came the day when she was in school taking a test and her ring squeaked. The embarrassment of everyone looking at her caused her anxiety to come flooding back. She came home upset and gave up wearing her spinning ring. After seeing the success her ring had brought her, I could not watch her give up on something that worked.  


         That is when I decided to design a spinning ring that would not squeak. It took me few years and when I finally found the right design, I could not believe how well it worked. It was quiet and had such a unique smoothness to it. I felt immense excitement that I had truly found a serenity ring that could help my daughter cope with her fidgeting, anxiety, and stress. After seeing her success, I wanted to share this ring with others. While it is not a cure, it is an amazing tool to help deal with your own fidgeting, anxiety and stress, or it will make the perfect gift for a loved one that suffers from these ailments.   


          Serenity Ring is a family-owned business, based in Reading, Pennsylvania. We are committed to making the best spinning rings in the world that will hopefully help you or a loved one through the good times, as well as the difficult times in life. From all of us here, we look forward to hearing your story of success with your own beautifully designed Serenity Ring!